Association KROKODIL

Association KROKODIL (Serbian Acronym for: Literary Regional Gathering That Alleviates Boredom and Lethargy) is dedicated to production of literary, cultural and sociopolitical programs and projects with the aim of developing literary audiences and those that are interested in culture as such, promotion of the culture of dialogue, reconciliation and reconstruction of the broken links particularly in the region of the Western Balkans but also in deepening of the mutual understanding and the acceptance of differences in the European context and elsewhere.

We have made a significant progress since 2009. Throughout that time we were constantly developing and learning, without forgetting to foster personal relations and friendly atmosphere in the Association KROKODIL. Our growth and development are based on the freedom of expression and creativity. We foster team spirit and friendship among those who work in our association. What makes us unique is the high competence and knowledge of the employees, who use innovative approach to contribute to team problem solving in all the aspects of our work.


Vladimir Arsenijević

Project manager

Milena Berić

Community manager

Dubravka Stojanović

Multi-perspective history narrative coordinator

Sara Mandić

Project coordinator